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I know a lot of people think that sliding scale is a cool thing to offer. I am opposed to sliding scale. I'll tell you why: Because in my first year of private practice, a college counselor convinced me to take on one of his students at half price. Then she came in every time with some new gold bracelet or cashmere sweater, and talked about the fancy restaurants and clubs she went to, that I couldn’t afford to go to. It didn't work for me.At the same time she was paying me $50/hr and I resented it, I was accepting other clients via Medicaid and getting $39/hr, and not resenting it. It wasn't…
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  • Report on EMDR's impact on recall of memory details
  • Report of research on which trauma memory to treat first
  • Meta-analysis comparing the efficiency of EMDR to other trauma treatments
  • Report of research on intensive therapy

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